It can be tricky to work out exactly how much to charge for your Event. It’s important to take time to think about this at the start as it’s hard to change the price once the Event has been created. A lot of Events are free and some charge might be over £100 per ticket. The average price per Club is £13.40 per month. There are a few major factors when deciding how much to charge for your club.

What is your objective of the Event and what type of Event is it?

The first thing to think about is what your objective is for the Event.

A few common options:

Option 1 - Are you wanting to help people by connecting them together with a dinner at your home, then you might only charge them for the ingredients to make dinner. Or similarly a dinner at a restaurant, then you might agree a set price with the venue before and just charge that exact amount to members.

Option 2 - Are you a coach and wanting to share your wisdom via an online workshop, then you might want to charge a similar amount to other coaches with your level of experience.

Option 3 - Are you wanting to put on a big event at a location with a Panel Talk, Drinks and Snacks and Marketing costs and make a profit as part of your Business, then you would charge a lot more than the costs to make it all worth it.

It really depends on how much time and effort you can commit to the Event and to make sure you can keep up with the expectations set out in your ‘About’ section. Both options are great, the most important thing is to get your members to really appreciate your value for money so that they recommend your Events to lots of their friends and come back for more!

What are other members charging for their Events?

The second most important factor is to consider how different your Event niche is to other Creators on the platform. If you are offering something that nobody else does, and is hard to find this service online, then you can expect to have less competition and charge a higher price. If you are offering an Event in a more saturated field, then you will want to quickly determine your niche and price your Event accordingly. Take a look at all the competing Clubs/Events within the platform by searching. Go Clubs > Click Search > Search For Competing Clubs by typing in Keywords into the search bar.

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