Getting started

This feature is for Premium Members only and is only available on iOS. (Android app coming soon!).

Every Event needs to be linked to a Club, if you have not set up a Club, please see the relevant FAQ. Sign in to your Stack World app and tap Clubs in the Navigation Bar. Choose the relevant Club, click on the Events section and click 'Create Event'.

Choosing the Event type

You need to decide what type of event you want to host. If it is an online workshop, a dinner at your new favourite restaurant or a bigger event with activities. You will need to think of the theme, agenda, activities and make relevant bookings/reservations before you put your Event live in The Stack World App.

Naming your Event

Your Event name will be displayed in the Events page. You should choose a name that is easily recognisable and self explanatory but most importantly engaging! Have a look at similar Events in the App and see what resonates with you, you will need to think of a name that stands out amongst the rest.

Choosing the right image

We find that graphics and clear photography work really well. Think of the Events page like a magazine and make sure your image is high quality or has a good filter on it. If you need a Graphic Designer, search in The Stack Profiles and support a fellow members work! Don't overthink it, if you are organising a supper, then choose a photo of the restaurant for example.

Key information for the About section

In your About Section we recommend including the following points:

  1. Opening line - State clearly what the event is? eg Founders Dining Event, a place for Founders to connect and share their experiences of Entrepreneurship over delicious food at a X restaurant.

  2. Agenda - State a breakdown of the event? eg Meet at the restaurant for welcome drinks at 7pm, sit down to eat at 7:30pm, Make introductions and intro your Business, End at 10pm.

  3. Why - Why should Members pay for your event? eg Meet likeminded people, share your struggles to help each other. Share contacts of suppliers, investors, consultants and any other useful information.

  4. Why - Why did you want to host the event? eg I want to bring people together as I know how hard and lonely it can be to run a business!

  5. How - How the Event will work + any extra information? eg This event will be priced at £30 per person, and include three courses and wine.

  6. What - What to bring? eg Bring your business cards, bring samples of your products, bring your burning questions.

  7. Who - Your bio and credentials. eg I launched my business 4 years ago, my business is in beauty and wellness. Here is my website and my social handles.

Assign more hosts

You might decide to run the event with another member in your Club. If you make them a co-host they can also manage RSVPs and other event details. Please email with the other Members you want as hosts and we will get that sorted for you.

Setting up your bank account

When you set up a Paid Event, all revenue is collected via our payment processor Stripe and paid directly into your bank account every 24 hours. Enter a valid UK Bank Account and Sort Code and you’ll be directed to a Stripe Verification Page to upload your ID. Once your identity has been verified, your banking set up is complete.

Charging for your Event

If you want to monetise your Event, you can start by creating a Pass. Use the toggle to turn the Pass feature on in your Club (don’t forget you must have your bank details set up first) and then choose a price. This may be a simple as the price of a set menu of a restaurant or it might be an online workshop. We know that women have a hard time charging what they’re worth. Set a price you feel comfortable with, that will keep you motivated.

Promoting your Event to ensure it's successful

See our Promoting Clubs FAQs section to understand how to promote your Event to make sure it's a sell out!

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