How to RSVP to Events in the App

You can make easily browse Events when you are searching through each Club. You can also browse all Events in one place by clicking on the 'Event' icon in the app which is in the centre.

You can search Events in different categories and across different months.

When you find an Event you like, simply press RSVP and you will now be attending. You will now be able to see all the details and also be able to see which other members are going. You can connect the invite into your diary easily in the next screen.

If you can no longer go to the event, make sure to message the host in the app or post in the Club so that somebody else can have your place.

How to RSVP to Events on desktop

You can browse all Premium and Community lead (member hosted) events on desktop. You can see all the relevant information including if it's linked to a Paid Club. At the moment, you cannot RSVP to the Event directly on website but you can do so in the app.

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