Here are our top tips on how to create an epic event using Zoom.



Make sure to change your settings to ensure that everyone's microphones are off on entry. This is to keep things smooth and quiet when the event starts. Often people join events while they are doing other things such as cooking, talking etc and it will be disruptive to your event.


Make sure to remove any passcodes within your settings. This is to ensure that people are able to enter your event easily. If you would like some security on entry then you can make sure that people have to enter the meeting room beforehand.

Change personal meeting ID

You can change your personal meeting ID to a memorable number such as your phone number. This is a quick hack to save you having to copy and paste the meeting ID every time.

Playing Music For The mood

It's a nice idea to play music while people are joining the event for the first 5 minutes to set the mood. Make sure to do this through Zoom and not through your laptop otherwise it will sounds quite tinny.

Go to Share Screen > Advanced > Computer Audio > This means it plays any Audio that comes through your Computer. Make sure to keep this to 50% otherwise it will be too loud.

It's important to think about which genre would suit the event. If it's in the Evening or Sunday make sure to play something calming like Jazz. If it's at lunch time, try to play something motivational if that is in keeping with your event.

Using Your Event Banner As A Holding Slide

Go into the where it says Start Video > then press the down icon > Backgrounds and Filters > Virtual Backgrounds > The make sure to upload your Event banner > The Select Event Banner.

Then get a white piece of paper to cover your camera, turn your music on and Voila!

Then make sure to turn all these off when you start your Event. Take the paper off, turn your music off and remove your virtual background.

Use QR Codes For Actions

Use a QR code generator online. You simply add in the link of the CTA you want and then screenshot the QR code and add it to your presentation.

Make sure to have a QR code on your presentation so that it means when anyone joins the event late, then will understand what is going on. Also make sure to keep your Name and the Event on the top of your presentation so that people know what the subject is.

Frame Yourself Right

If you're doing regular Zoom Events then make sure position yourself in the centre of the screen. A good distance to sit is about 1 arm length back from your screen. Make sure to have the camera angle slightly looking down on you.

Light Yourself Right

If you're doing regular Zoom Events then make sure invest in a ring light to make yourself well lit, it doesn't work to have any light above the Computer. Good lighting is always key.

Get An HD Camera

If you want to go the extra mile to make the camera quality excellent, invest in a camera that can sit on your computer. The company HD Logitech sell some great ones.

Be Interactive

Try and get your audience to be as interactive and vocal as possible. Start the session by getting them to write a one word checkin in the chat. Allow for some people to talk about their week in relation to the topic of your event to make everyone feel included and heard. The aim is make everyone be fully engaged in your event instead of watching while they are doing a million other things which we are all guilty of.

Enable Breakout Rooms

Always try to enable breakout rooms to allow people to speak together in smaller groups. It's hard with Zoom for people to create a deep connection and even know everyone that is on the Zoom call so this is a nice way to finish the talk to make it more intimate.

Always Create A Sharing CTA

Always remember to create a Call To Action for them to share the event on their social media and other platforms. This is really great way of creating some buzz and FOMO around your event.

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