Now that you’ve made your club and shared it to some of your new friends and community within the network. It’s time for you to promote it across your other channels to ensure it exponential growth.

Who is your target member

It’s important think carefully who your target member is and where you will be able to find these members. Are they business leaders who spend their time on LinkedIn. Or are they makeup bloggers who spend their time on TikTok. This is really crucial to work out at the start of growing your club.

Sharing it across your channels

Your Personal Contacts

Who in your phone contacts would be interested in joining your Club or Event. Send them a personal message or voice note telling them why they should to join. Don’t underestimate the power of a personal message!

Email Newsletter Subscribers

One of the most effective ways of marketing is still through emails and mailing lists. This is because they are not replying on an Algorithm to determine who sees your content. Share your Club and Events across all email lists that you have.

Social Channels

There is so much promotion you can do across all Social Media platforms, whether it’s Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Facebook or Pinterest. Make sure to use all content types possible such as Stories, Videos, Lives, Posts. Think of the other Creators that own Clubs that have a complimentary audience to you. Could you set up IG Lives to cross pollinate your audiences. Try to organise a posting schedule that you can stick to to promote your Club and Events, remember that consistency is key to ensuring steady growth.


Do you have any other forms of online publication such as your Website that you can share your Club and Events on. Perhaps you’d like to write an article or two around your niche and get it listed on The Stack Website.


Are there any Podcasts that you could speak on that are relevant to your niche. Maybe a fellow Stack member has a Podcast that would work for your audience, you could collaborate and speak on their podcast to grow your micro community.

Other Communities

Do you know any other communities that you can approach that have a similar audience base. Could you create some content for them in exchange for them to share you Club and Event details. Think outside the box and don’t be afraid to give anything a go!

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