Don't forget if you're currently a premium member you can downgrade your membership to become a FREE member, keeping your account and profile open until you're ready to step-up again!

If you really do wan't to go for good 😞 and fully delete your account, we can action this for you.

PLEASE NOTE: once actioned it will be what is known as a soft delete for now, where your account won't be accessible in app or on the website, and none of your profile or details will be visible to yourself or others. In a years time we then action a hard delete where we wipe all data in relation to you off our systems forever. We have to do it this way because of anti-fraud legislation linked with the payment providers we use. And to be data compliant. For any further information on this, or to action the deletion of your account please email and allow 3-5 working days for a response.

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