We get it, sometimes we need to change things up! If you're currently a premium member on either a yearly or monthly billing subscription and want to change how often you're billed, here's how...

If you pay for your Membership direct from your bank account via your card, the easiest way to change from monthly-yearly or yearly-monthly is to cancel your current subscription now, and then once the remainder of the billing period you've already paid for has finished, you can re-sign up as a premium member on the new billing term (monthly/yearly). You can cancel your membership by logging in then heading here: https://thestack.world/myaccount

On this page you will see the option to Cancel Membership.

Your premium access will continue to run until the end of your current billing period, this will be displayed in a pop-up when you cancel your membership. Make a note of this date! Then re-sign up for premium membership on the new billing term (monthly/yearly).

If you pay for your Membership via Apple Subscriptions, go into the app store > select your profile in the top right hand corner > select subscriptions > click into your The Stack World membership and amend accordingly to yearly billing.

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