You can easily create an event in your club or any club that you co-host.

How to create your first event

  1. Go Clubs > My Clubs > Clubs You Manage > Open Club > Click Events > Create Event.

  2. Add an image that is engaging and exciting. Make sure that it clearly shows what that event is about and make sure it’s in high resolution.

  3. Add the event name, again making sure it clearly describes the event. Remember that events that are focused around making new connections and socialising with one another perform the best.

  4. Select the event category from the drop down list. Then describe your event. Make sure to have all the information in this section. What will people get out of your event? Why should they come? Try to create excitement in this section so they RSVP straight away.

  5. Choose the date and time. Fill in how long it will last. Update the location and if it’s an online event make sure to add the video link in here ( Fill in the maximum number of attendees.

  6. Then press ‘Create Event’.

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