Stripe handles all payments around our creators paid clubs. They take payments from your subscribers and make payments to you the creator. Payments made to a creator's bank account via Stripe are referred to as "Payouts"

Firstly in order to receive payouts from Stripe you must have completed the KYC (Know Your Customer) process. Stripe collects basic customer information and identification. This is to protect customers against fraud and help prevent money laundering.

Your payouts are initiated on the last day of the month. The length of time from the moment the payout is initiated, to the time it is available in your bank account, can vary but typically expect this to take around 3 working days for UK bank accounts.

Your Subscribers payments come out on the 1st of the month. If they are new subscriber making their first payment however, their initial payment can happen on any day and will be a pro-rata payment.

e.g. You club costs £10 / month and someone pays on the 15th September. Half of the month has passed so the subscribers initial payment will be £5 and all subsequent months will be the full price of £10.

The payout amount is calculated ahead of time and so only subscriber payments that are made approximately 1 week before the end of the month will be included in that months payout. This means your next payout may not include the initial payments from your new subscribers but will included everyone who has made two or more payments. So any payment that does not make this cutoff will be added to next months payout.

e.g #1. Following the example above a new subscriber joins your club on the 15th September. This is more than week before the payout is prepared and so will be included in the system and so their pro-rata initial payment of £5 will be added to payout initiated on the 30th September.

e.g. #2 Another subscriber joins on the 25th September. They have missed the cutoff to be put into September's payout and so their initial payment will be added on to the payout created at the end of October.

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