Getting Started

This feature is for Premium Members only and is only available on iOS. (Check public roadmap for Android updates)

Sign in to your Stack World app and tap Clubs in the Navigation Bar. Start creating a Club by tapping the purple + button.

Naming your club

Your Club name will be displayed in the Explore page and in the future be in Search. You should choose a name that is easily recognisable and self explanatory. You might also name your Club after your brand, organisation or friend crew!

Choosing the right image

We find that graphics and clear photography work really well. Think of the Explore page like a magazine and make sure your image is high quality or has a good filter on it. Here are some examples of our faves. If you need a Graphic Designer, search in The Stack Profiles and support a fellow members work!

Key information for the About section

The first FOUR words of your about section are the most important as these appear in the Explore page and help you be discovered. In your About Section we recommend

  1. Opening line - What is the outcome achieved by your Club? eg DIY Marketing for Shopkeepers. If you run an independent retail business and need help growing your customers, we can support you!

  2. What - What happens in your Club? What will the subscriber learn? List out what they will get every month. eg Subscribers to this Club will get Instant Access to all of my DIY Marketing Healthcheck Sheets, 5 Zoom Calls Per Month, a Community of likeminded retailers.

  3. Why - Why did you start it? eg I believe in keeping our high streets independent, so I want to do my part to support small businesses.

  4. How - How the Club will work, where will you meet? eg Every week I will run a live Zoom Workshop for one hour on a specific marketing tactic to help you grow and then once a Month we will do a community support group for questions and answers.

  5. Who - Your bio and credentials. eg I graduated in BA Marketing and have helped over 100 businesses grow their revenue. I’ve also done an Instagram Marketing Course.

Assign more hosts

If you are making a Free Community Club, you can assign multiple hosts. Please email with the other Members you want as hosts and we will get that sorted for you.

Setting up your bank account

When you set up a Creator Club, all revenue is collected via our payment processor Stripe and paid directly into your bank account on the 1st of each Month. Enter a valid UK Bank Account and Sort Code and you’ll be directed to a Stripe Verification Page to upload your ID. Once your identity has been verified, your banking set up is complete.

Creating passes and charging for your club

If you want to monetise your Club, you can start by creating a Pass. Use the toggle to turn the Pass feature on in your Club (don’t forget you must have your bank details set up first) and then choose a price. We know that women have a hard time charging what they’re worth. Set a price you feel comfortable with, that will keep you motivated.

Setting goals

Goals are key to motivation. Once you’ve set a price, decide what your revenue goal is and we will calculate how many Passes you need to sell. We’ve also set some fun things you can do with your new found cash!

Kick the club off with a welcome message

Don’t leave your Club empty! Make your first post and welcome future Pass holders. Ask them to introduce themselves and welcome them personally! Community building is all about hosting, and no one likes to be ignored when they enter the party!

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