The Stack launched in March 2021 and since then we've amassed thousands of Members from all over the world. So we created Clubs to help our Members connect in micro communities around the topics, brands and content you love. We have two types of Clubs that you can join or create - Free and Paid.

Community Clubs - Everything you need to know.

  1. Only Premium Members can create Community Clubs but anyone with a Free Account can join any Club.

  2. Community Clubs can be created in around 30 seconds for your brand, a network or a topic.

  3. Community Clubs are public so anyone with a Stack account can join your Club. Check our Public Roadmap for private Clubs.

  4. You can also create a Community Club but Charge for individual events.

Creator Clubs - Everything you need to know about making money on The Stack World

  1. In 2022 we are putting the power into our Members hands helping you earn revenue on The Stack World

  2. As a Premium Member, you can start a Creator Club and charge a monthly fee to your subscribers.

  3. Creator Clubs can also have additional paid for events

  4. For your single Membership fee, you can start as many Clubs as you like.

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