Absolutely! To continue receiving your payouts you’ll want to make sure your details up to date. That way we'll 100% be sending those dollar, dollar bills to the right bank account (yours!) 💸

But wait... who needs this info and why?

If you are a Pro taking payments through The Stack World, your transactions will be going through our payment system: Stripe. Just like your high-street bank, Stripe needs to adhere to certain financial standards, regulations and verify your identity... you simply won't get paid without it!

What will happen if I don't update my bank details?

Uh oh! Your payouts will be on pause. Though if this is the case – don’t stress! We've made it even easier to give Stripe your updated information… ⬇️

Where do I update my Pro payment details?

If you’re a Pro taking payments through The Stack World you can update your details by opening your payment settings 🙌🏽 Where is this?! Head to your Pro profile on The Stack World > tap the three lil’ dots at the top right of your screen > click "Settings" > then choose 'payment settings' to update and edit.

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