First things first: A basic Google Meet account has a 60 minute time limit for up to 100 attendees. Want more attendees? You’ll need to upgrade your account. For access to the event attendees can tune into with your link from their computer or on mobile using free the Google Meet App.

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How do I schedule a video meeting with Google Calendar?

It's super easy to schedule a Google Meet from your Google Calendar. Got a gmail account? Perfect! Simply open your Google Calendar and press 'create'. Then using the same event title and description as you the event you just listed on The Stack World add the appropriate info, date and time. Lastly, tap "Add Google Meet Video Conferencing" to create your custom link and hit “save”. It’s this link that you’ll copy and paste under the ‘Online Field’ of your The Stack World event form… that way when Clients book your event they’ll gain access to this link!

Practise makes perfect!

Getting the hang of hosting an event on Zoom can be a bit daunting at first, so we find having a practise session beforehand essential. How to do this? Invite a friend to join using the same link that is sent to your attendees, and give it all a proper run through!

It’s finally here… starting your Google Meet event!

During the first few minutes of your event, make sure to allow a few moments to monitor your DMs/emails to ensure everyone who has a ticket has been able to access the event. No matter how many times you host an event, you’ll find there’s always an attendee with a faulty link. While sorting these teething issues, try not to stress. Just let attendees know that you’re just “...checking that everyone’s got in okay!” or ask a friend beforehand to help you out by being on your DM’s with the link to hand.

Note: Guests can forward the meeting link to other people. If someone tries to join who was not invited to the Calendar event, a meeting participant from your organisation must accept their request. For meetings organised by a personal Google Account, only the meeting creator (the host) can admit these participants.

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