Because nail techs and Pros can’t work in person until at least July 4th, Pros on The Stack World are turning to successfully offer virtual services and sell their products to stay booked and busy. Here’s how!

Set up your Pro account

Do a quick audit of your key information, open up your opening hours, booking policies and calendar to make sure Clients can order your products at any time, rewrite your bio to include key information like your shipping times and instruct Clients to enter their address in the Notes section before they book. Don’t worry if they forget - it’s no problem as we’ll send you their contact details when they book!

Add your products

Take a clear, high quality image of the product and set the price (including shipping). Set the Style as being 15 minutes (this won’t affect anything) and make sure you add a clear, informative description of exactly what the Client can expect. Remind them here to add their address in the Notes on the booking page!

Prep your shipping

You can order affordable packaging on sites such as eBay (or re-use some lying around the house), and consider adding a personal handwritten note to your Client including your social handles - everyone loves cute packaging, and delighting the Client will increase your chances of getting shared with friends and on social media!

To send them off, you’ll find the Client’s address in the booking confirmation email. Sites like Hermes and Royal Mail offer parcel collection so you don’t have to wait in a queue - or you can simply send them at your local Post Office (but be wary of reduced opening hours)!

Get promoting

Post graphics and images of products and share rave reviews on your social media, DM your regular Clients, and add your Stack World link to your bio - you’ll get orders in no time.

And you’re set! If you have any questions about this, or would like your products to be promoted on our social channels, pop us an email on

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