This guidance is valid for all physical bookings until July 4th & was updated Monday 18th May.

If you need support, use the chat or email💌

Government guidance means you can't travel to or undertake any in-person appointments, so we'd recommend you clear your calendar until July 4th, when Pros & salons may be able to continue working.

Reschedule your Client appointment 📅

Any appointments until July 4th should be re-scheduled for after this point, so reach out to your Client and arrange a new time! You can reschedule as many times as you like, so don't worry - if the rules change, your Client appointment can too.

Cancelling an appointment ⛔️

As a Pro, if you want to cancel at any point, you may press Cancel in your Booking in the app and your Client's deposit will be returned to them in full. Please drop your Client a message to let them know why and drop us a message if you have any problems!

Cancelling after a booking has started

If you wait until after your appointment time to inform your Client, you are unable to cancel your appointment in the system and only mark a NO SHOW. Your Client's deposit will be returned and you email your Cancelled Bookings List.

You'll receive your weekly Payouts on Thursdays, as usual.

Thank you so much for your patience with us & stay safe!

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