We are incredibly excited to bring you events directly from our Pros across Beauty, Business and Wellness, keeping you connected in these socially distanced times.

When you've found an event you want to attend on The Stack World, simply tap "Buy Ticket" to purchase your ticket.

At the checkout, you’ll be asked for your payment details as payment for the event is taken upfront.

Please note: Vouchers cannot yet be used for events! Coming Soon!

If you have a question about the event, you can tap ‘Ask A Question’ to DM the Pro.

Once you’ve purchased your ticket, The Stack World will email you the event details – including the link to access the virtual event and how to contact your host. You can also find the event details in the ‘Bookings’ section of The Stack World app (find it by tapping the calendar 🗓 button!)

Before the event you’ll receive two reminder emails. One email 24 hours beforehand, another 2 hours before kickoff.

Having booking problems? Team Stack World is here to sort it out! Get in touch!

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