First things first: you’ll need a Pro account (sign up now), and a Zoom or Google Meet account. Already signed up? Perfect! Simply follow these steps below...

Getting Started

Open your Pro profile and tap on ‘+ Add Service or Event’ and then hit ‘Create Event’.

Add the event’s cover image

You’re going to want your event to look fire 🔥 so make sure to add your own cover image! When uploading, keep in mind it will be cropped at a 16:9 aspect ratio – enabling it to display beautifully across different devices.

Stuck on what image/graphic to use? We recommend Canva App for creating easy graphics. If you still need help, email (and cc in!) with the image you’d like to use, the title of your event or masterclass with the date/time and the girls will work on creating a custom banner for you, for free! You can then use this promo image to push your event across your socials.

Include the event info

Fill out all the fields of info, and remember to enter as much detail as possible in your description… need attendees to have certain products on hand during your masterclass? Let them know here. We recommend writing this down in notes, or word, and then copy and pasting the text directly into the app once it’s perfect.

💡 Top Tip - Having a clear Agenda and Speaker Bios increases ticket sales!

Date & Time

When selecting the date and time of your event please check that it doesn’t conflict with your other appointments.

Hosting your event online

Currently, you can only host your event via Zoom or Google Meet. That way, once your Client has brought a ticket they’ll receive your event link directly to their inbox 💌


When deciding on your ticket price please note that we take a 10% fee per ticket (to cover transaction fees and commission!). When will you receive the funds? Payments typically take a week to process and will be released once your event is completed.


You’ll want to use at least 5 tags for your event to increase discoverability. Hosting a masterclass on how to paint the perfect flame nails? Tag ‘flame’, ‘nails’, ‘nailartal’, ‘masterclass’, ‘tutorial’.


There’s no cap on how many attendees you can have at your event, so it’s entirely up to you! Though remember, your Zoom (or Google Meet) may limit how many attendees you can have per video link – so make sure this is reflected in the number of tickets you wish to sell!

Zoom Events

If you have a Basic/Free, Pro, or other paid account (that’s the vast majority of you out there), you can have up to 100 video participants (including the host) in any of your meetings. These participants have two-way video, audio, and collaboration features. Note that if you have a free account, you have unlimited 1-1 meetings and minutes, but your meetings with more than two participants will automatically end after 40 minutes.

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Google Meet Events

Events hosted on Google are free for 1 Hours for up to 100 People. If you have a Gmail Account, Meet is already built in.

Read more on Google Meet

Reminder Emails

Once your attendee has purchased a ticket they’ll receive two reminder emails. One email 24 hours beforehand, another 2 hours before kickoff.

Completed all the above steps? Congrats 🙌🏾 Hit ‘Publish’ and your event listing is officially live!


To share your event, share your Stack World Profile Link so all of your Services and Events are visible. Please note that attendees MUST DOWNLOAD THE APP to purchase tickets. We will have direct Event sharing links very soon!


What happens if a Client cancels their ticket?

What happens if you cancel your event?

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