Had a second thought about your @ or even a rebrand? No worries. We’ve added the ability for Pros on The Stack World to update the username attached to their Pro profile.

How do I change my Pro username?

Once you’ve tapped “account details'' from your settings page you’ll be asked to type in the new username you now wish to use (but with no spaces, or special characters please!). Once you’re happy tap the “save” button and your Pro username on the app, and your Stack World website, will be updated.

Why do I need a Pro username?

Pros often set their usernames to the name of their businesses. That way, when Clients are searching for their services on the app – their account pops straight up. Your username also forms part of your Stack World website address. This means that a user with a Pro username of @sharmadeanreid has the website URL: https://thestack.world/marketplace/pro/sharmadeanreid

Need help?! If you’re having problems updating your account details, or website URL, reach out via hello@thestack.world for some assistance from The Stack World team!

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