When a Client books you on The Stack World, it goes into your Calendar on the App and you can now sync with your calendar of choice.

Which calendars can I sync with?

Through our Cronofy integration you can now sync your business (and personal!) Outlook, Exchange, Office 365, iCloud and Gmail accounts.

I already have a google calendar sync, what do I need to do?

Re-sync your calendar with Cronofy in your Stack World settings (“Settings” > “My Calendar” >”Add New Calendar”) – even if you intend on using the same google account!

What if I don't like Cronofy and want to go back?

No stress! We’ve added the ability to remove any calendars you no longer want to be synced. Just go to your My Calendar settings screen and tap the ‘remove’ link next to the calendar you want gone 👋🏽

Is calendar sync available to everyone?

Previously calendar syncing was only available to a small selection of our early BETA Pros. We're now expanding this to more of our Pros. Look for the "My Calendar" option in your settings.

If I update my calendar what happens to my bookings?

If you have a Stack World booking logged in your current calendar for say – next week – you’ll need to update it in The Stack World app to update your newly synced calendar. Though we’re working on doing this transition for you automatically in the future!

My question isn't covered in the above...

We got you babe! Flick us a DM on the @thestack.world IG or reach out via hello@stack.world for some assistance from The Stack World team!

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