1. Build up your profile

Your profile is your menu! 💅 Make sure your profile picture and bio look slick - this is what clients will see before they book you! To add details, including your profile picture, username & opening hours, just tap on your profile to edit.

2. Share your services
Tap the big plus to add your styles. Get creative - we're talking specific tags, strong descriptions & high quality pictures! Here's a great example: 

3. Tell us you're ready to be booked
Our Pro team will sync your calendar when your account is looking fresh and you've got some styles built up. If you feel ready to accept clients, get in touch!  Learn more about appointments here. 

4. Build your squad
Share the love! Like and comment on posts you love, get some inspiration from our homepage, and find out what's trending by tapping the search button

5. Get clued up
Learn more by exploring our FAQ's - we've covered everything from bookings to payment, but let us know if you have a burning question!

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