By now, you'll already have a calendar hooked up to your account - all of your in-app bookings are synced automatically, so you're ready to go! ✨

Let clients know when you're available
Your clients can only book treatments when you're free. Make sure they know when they can book by keeping your opening hours up to date! To do this, tap your profile > the Settings cog > Edit Pro Profile > the Opening Hours box. 

Getting a booking
When a client books an appointment, it'll be added to your calendar & the booking section of your app (the calendar button 🗓). All of the details will be emailed to you and the client - and you'll receive a 50% deposit. 

Complete your booking
Treatment done? Amazing! To get the remaining 50% of your fee, head into the Bookings section of the app & tap the Completed button. 

When you get paid
Your funds are released every Thursday via your Stripe account. If you have any questions or concerns about your payment, please let us know right away.  

If a client reschedules
We're busy working on this feature! In the meantime, your client will contact you to reschedule. If their proposed date works for you too, send them an invite via your calendar outside the app to prevent being double booked and then, in The Stack World, mark the treatment as completed on the date it was initially booked (you'll be paid as normal)! 

Cancel a booking
If you can't make a booking, you can cancel it through the app. In the booking section, just tap the relevant appointment and tap "Cancel". They'll be notified & we'll automatically refund them in full. 

If a client cancels
We'll notify you as soon as we know they can't make it.
If it's within your cancellation period, their deposit will be refunded
Outside your cancellation period, you'll receive the 50% deposit.

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